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Drew Knowles is Vice President and partner of Influence Ecology, a specialised business education company, and has over 20 years experience in the field of human performance and behaviour.


He has facilitated programmes to over 15,000 people around the world, and since 2006, has been particularly committed to the study of stress and how the mind/brain performs under consequential situations.

Drew's focus is now on delivering Influence Ecology's specialised business education to a global audience, offering solutions to the inescapable and unavoidable conditions that must be taken care of to live a satisfactory life.

“Nice article @M2magazine on maximizing rewards / minimizing threats to brain. Reducing multi tasking key for me.” 

Keith Roberts



Drew Knowles B. App. Sc. (HMvt)

Kiwi Drew Knowles is Vice President and partner of business education company, Influence Ecology.


He has 20 years experience in the field of human performance, facilitating programmes to over 15,000 people in a variety of industries, occupations and cultures. His current company, Influence Ecology, is the leading business eduction in Transactional Competence™, offering a four-year curriculum for ambitious business professionals that specialises in the fundamentals of human exchange; a proprietary framework with which to accelerate influence and results.

Before Drew was one of the four Execs and partners of Influence Ecology - based in Ventura, California - he owned his own boutique consulting company. Drew specialised in helping CEO's and Executives of some of New Zealand's largest companies deal with chronic stress and improve their mental performance. He wrote a 3 year series of M2 Magazine articles on this subject. Prior to that, Drew worked for 9 years with a global training and development company, facilitating and delivering courses and programmes in personal development and performance in New Zealand and Australia.

Drew has a degree in Applied Science in Human Movement, and began his career in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer working in New Zealand, London and Australia, hence his passion for helping people live more healthy and satisfied lives.

You can learn more about Drew by listening to his Influence Ecology Podcast. (45min) or on iTunes under Influence Ecology Podcast.


Drew is no stranger to public speaking - having presented seminars, courses, programmes and presentations to well over 15,000 people throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the United States. Drew is also a regular contributor to M2 Magazine - New Zealand and Australia editions.

Drew was one of the keynote speakers at the July 2019 M2 Success Summit in Auckland.

He also appeared as a Guest Speaker at Kea Inspire 2015 - Wellington.

To enquire about Drew as a Guest Speaker, please click here.

Drew Knowles | M2 Success Summit

Drew Knowles | M2 Success Summit

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